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Organic ivory palm seeds jewelry & accessories


Wearing Tawa B’Art jewelry makes you travel, dream of elsewhere, feel alive, joyful, and so close to nature!


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Tawa B’Art it’s…

A Gift of Nature to the woman...

Entirely natural and organic, our creations come from the palm seed that fell from the tree like a fruit. No tree is cut to create our jewelry. Once harvested and dried, the seed is carved by hand to give its shape to the jewelry before the color bath giving it its brightly colored finish.

A unique jewelry piece, an exceptional material

Each seed is different by its shape, its size and its asperity with its own art making each jewelry piece a unique object. An original material still little known, all in lightness, the jewelry worn is so pleasant, light and soft to the touch.

A woman's gift to Nature

Buying a Tawa B’Art jewelry is contributing to the protection of endangered animal and plant species. Much more than just pleasing yourself with our colorful jewelry daily, it’s a gesture for the ecosystem and our planet!

A jewelry full of Exoticism

Wearing a Tawa B’Art jewelry piece is releasing the exoticism and the sunshine, it’s smiling at life! Nature in its purest state, spontaneity, colors, conviviality… Let yourself be transported by this nature full of colors and dream of exotic travels and landscapes, mysterious and heavenly islands.


the designer
The Tawa B’Art adventure is the story of a journey between South America and St Barth. I worked and lived for 5 years between Ecuador and Argentina. As a tourism professional with a passion for South America and handicrafts, I fell in love with vegetable ivory and this beautiful material during my first trip to Ecuador 10 years ago ….