Tawa B’Art it is…

…give the best to the earth

Fair and ethical

Wearing a Tawa B’Art jewelry allows you to contribute to the work of local people who live close to the rainforest in Ecuador, small craftsmen and family businesses carefully selected and paid fairly.

Respectful of nature

Our jewelry indirectly contributes to the preservation of the ecosystem and the safeguarding of the primary forest, but also to the protection of elephants, sought for their ivory.

Organic and Vegan

Tawa B’Art jewelry is entirely natural, made from palm seeds harvested like fruit, which are then carved to give the jewelry or accessory its shape.


No tree is sacrificed for the creation of our jewelry. The palm seed is harvested once it falls from the tree. And we have minimal packaging, natural and respectful of nature.

…unique jewelry

The singularity of nature

Each seed is different by its shape, its size and its roughness. Each jewelry or piece of handicraft has its own singularity with its own art.

The handmade

From the harvest, through the carving of the seed, to the assembly of the jewelry, our creations are handcrafted.

The radiance of color

Wearing a Tawa B’Art jewelry is letting the sun shine on you, it’s smiling at life! Our jewelry brings a touch of color and originality to a summer or winter outfit.

Exoticism in daily life

A touch of exuberance in our daily lives. Our jewels transport you and make you dream of travels, give you desires of elsewhere, are alive and joyful.

..the love of our customers

Durable and strong

Vegetable ivory is a very strong material, our jewelry uses the best elements of vegetable ivory to provide a high quality to our jewelry that holds in time. Their color also remains intact after several years.

One year guarantee

Under normal use, our jewelry is guaranteed for one year to give you complete satisfaction and confidence*.


Our vegetable ivory jewelry has clasps and primers guaranteed nickel-free, anti-allergic, most are stainless steel. For the most sensitive ears, we offer 925 silver ear hooks to choose from when selecting the earrings.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If the product received does not give you complete satisfaction, you can benefit from a “satisfied or refunded guarantee” of 14 days*.

* See Terms and Conditions